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The Eyes of Jesus

It is so amazing to see things the way Jesus see things. To feel and touch the way Jesus does. We all need to see through the eyes of Jesus, not through the eyes of judgment, division, bitterness or even fear.

Satan tries to make us judge others so that he can cause division in our lives. He’ll say things such as, “Oh, look what she just did, she’s supposed to be a Christian” or “I can’t believe my husband asked me to do that, who does he think he is—God?” We need to love people just where they’re at no matter what they do or what we think they are doing. God always wants us to believe the best in people. If we are to walk like Jesus, then we are to look at the person’s heart. We need to get past all that flesh, including our own flesh and see what Jesus sees in the person. The Bible says that Jesus looks at the heart, 1 Sam 16:7b For the LORD does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart." You don’t know what the other person is dealing with, especially when all you see is their flesh acting out. We need to look past the flesh, past the demonic spirits, past the emotions, and look straight into the heart, and have compassion on them.

Too many times we look through the eyes of Satan instead of the eyes of Jesus. Try to imagine having two pairs of glasses on your night stand next to your bed. One pair of glasses was given to you by Satan to wear, which made you see people and everything around you ugly and irritating. The other pair of glasses was given to you by Jesus to wear, which made you see people just the way Jesus saw them, with compassion. If you could imagine yourself in the morning reaching for your glasses, which one would you put on?

Now, as a believer, we would all intend to put on the ones given to us by Jesus but, as your day goes on you might notice the glasses you put on were the ones given to you by Satan. How do you know this? Well, ask yourself what you saw today. When you got up and looked in the mirror did you see yourself as a beautiful child of God, one who was created in His own image? When you saw your children in the morning and they were crying and whining that they were hungry and wanted you to get up and do something about it, now. Was there a smile on your face and peace in your heart acting out in love? Or did you get all aggravated inside, upset, because someone stole your peace? Don’t get mad at the children; get mad at yourself for not putting on the right glasses. When you went to work and your boss told you to do something in a not so nice way, and you had a pile of other things to do, and the girl next to you had nothing to do, did you grumble and get upset? Don’t get mad at anyone but yourself because you didn’t put on the glasses that Jesus gave you. When your husband or wife asked you to do something did you smile and say, “Ok, honey, no problem?” Or did you say, “I can’t believe you’re asking me to do that, do you know all that I have done today?” It is not anybody else’s fault except our own for not wearing the glasses that Jesus gave us to wear.

If we could all see everything and anything the way Jesus sees them, we would have so much peace and so much more love for everyone including ourselves. If you could just ask Jesus to let you see things through the eyes of Him, you would never ever want to see anything different. It is truly a whole other world; one that I definitely want to be living in.

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