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    Changing Lives One Ride at a Time



Winning at the Race of Life is changing lives by putting on unforgettable stunt shows, feeding the poor and homeless, providing mentorship programs for children in need, teaching mechanic skills and giving children and "young at heart" adults the tools they need to win at the race of life.

Sammy Maloof and his team strongly believe the younger generation needs to know that there is a wonderful plan for their lives.

We make a positive impact on every community we visit by providing children and young at heart adults with the encouragement, tools, training and life-skills they need to survive and WIN at the Race of Life. Our live stunt shows are an extremely inspirational event for kids of all ages, especially young teens who are at a critical moment in their life and need answers and direction.


​We team up with local newspapers, radio and television stations to bring awareness of the need for positive outlets for today's youth and we are determined through programs and events to bring about a responsible love for cars and racing in a safe and respectable manner. 

    Founder Sammy Maloof

Sammy Maloof's passion is to exercise the gifts and talents God has given him to bring people to the point where they can believe in the champion within themselves. Teaching everyone that one of the most powerful realizations in life is their willingness to become.


Sammy is a successful business owner of Maloof Racing Engines for over 30 years. He has engineered, developed and built road race, drag race, oval track, street performance, and marine application engines. He builds High-Performance Racing engines for people all over the United States. Sammy's work has been featured in many top magazines such as Car & Driver, Hot Boat, High-Performance Mopar, Custom Rodder etc. and his shop, cars, and work have also been a highlight in many television shows and movies. For more information, you can visit his page at


Sammy is also a Hollywood Stuntman for over 20 years. His resume is long with top blockbuster movies, television, commercials and music videos such as Fast and Furious, Mission Impossible, Step Up, Transporter 2, Spider-man 2, Gone in 60 Seconds, Rush Hour, Burn Notice, Street Outlaws, The Last Ship, Ride Out-Furious 7, Metallica: Fuel, etc. You can see him doing fire stunts, fight scenes, doubling actors, but his specialty is vehicular stunts. For more info, you can go to his website at


Sammy is the Founder of Winning at the Race of Life where he and his team put on unforgettable stunt shows, provide mentorship programs for children in need, teach mechanical skills and give children and "young at heart" adults the tools they need to win at the race of life. Sammy received a Congressional Recognition Award in honor of his selection for the 2015 Champions for Heroes from Senator Duncan Hunter and Veterans Supplemental Support Network for the work he does in the communities through his outreach. 


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