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 Kenneth Copeland Believers Voice of Victory TV Show 

Kenneth Copeland Ministry interviews Sammy on how he came to know and walk with Jesus without giving up the desires of his heart. Sammy's desires to race, be a stuntman and own a race car business didn't end when he became a Christian. God used those talents and desires that he placed in Sammy a long time ago to reach the ones who were lost and broken in those industries.

Daystar Television with Marcus and Joni Lamb 

Marcus and Joni Lamb of Daystar interviewed  Sammy on how he shares his faith with others. God has given Sammy an amazing platform to reach people who otherwise would not go to a preacher or church. Sammy shares how God is always on the set with him. Hear his amazing testimony. It will inspire you involve God in every aspect of your life. 

CBN Networks 700 Club

Hot rods, speed and high energy are the adrenaline of race car drivers. CBN 700 Club shares how Sammy went from a successful street racer to being successful at Gods way. Hear how God transformed his life of competitive, need for speed, power of the world to the uncompromised, supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.   

Joni Show on Daystar

Joni goes deep into Sammy's career as a Hollywood Stuntman on the Joni show. Sammy shares about the risks he took, why he took them and how he turned his life around before it was too late. Hear some of Sammy's supernatural testimonies he has had on set. 

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