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Marriage is a spiritual union, not a ring and a piece of paper. It is knowing the hearts of each other. Through knowledge and confession of God's Word, God's faithful promises will heal and restore your marriage. Know the heart of your spouse connects you to the working knowledge of a spiritual union and powerful scriptures straight from God's Word. This teaching CD and confession booklet designed specifically for relationships is a must have for couples everywhere.


God says to call HIm in remembrance of His Word. These personalized confessions will arm you and your spouse with the Word of God to create a spiritual bond that no enemy can divide. Whether you are at the end of your rope, need improvement in your marriage or if you are single preparing for marriage, this product is for you. 


Listen to this CD and begin confessing the powerful scriptures with your spouse today and watch God transform your marriage into what He designed it to be. 

Know the Heart of your Spouse

  • Product Details

    Includes:  1 Audo Teachings, 1 Confession Booklet

    Product Format:  CD's

    Language:  English

    Author:  Sammy Maloof

    Audio Run Time:  1 Hour, 30 Minutes


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