The Eyes of Jesus

It is so amazing to see things the way Jesus see things. To feel and touch the way Jesus does. We all need to see through the eyes of Jesus, not through the eyes of judgment, division, bitterness or even fear. Satan tries to make us judge others so that he can cause division in our lives. He’ll say things such as, “Oh, look what she just did, she’s supposed to be a Christian” or “I can’t believe my husband asked me to do that, who does he think he is—God?” We need to love people just where they’re at no matter what they do or what we think they are doing. God always wants us to believe the best in people. If we are to walk like Jesus, then we are to look at the person’s heart. We need

Giving Thanks

Jesus walking on the earth alone is enough to be thankful for, but what He did after that is the greatest blessing to a Christian's life

Are You Running on Impulses?

Have you ever heard the expression people use, “I had an impulse to…”?  Some people have an impulse to run up to a microphone and sing a son

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